A goal of the seminar series is to inspire students and faculty in our Centre by bringing in exceptional scientists and speakers from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, regions, and specialties. Most procedures that we use to choose and nominate stellar individuals are well known to lead to biases that, when accumulated over the nominations from multiple labs, produce a final seminar list that is lopsided in favour of senior, white men. This is counterproductive, as it means we are not hearing from the compelling and outstanding science produced in other quarters. To achieve a better balance of genders, nationalities, ages, and so on, we request that as you or your lab prepares its nomination of a speaker for the series, you adopt one or more of the following steps posted here: Toward a balanced Biodiversity Seminar Series

Biodiversity Research Seminar Series (BRS) Previous Years
  Wednesdays at 12:00pm, Beaty Biodiversity Museum Auditorium
  Instructions for Invited BRS Speakers

Biodiversity Lunchtime Internal Seminar Series (BLISS)
  Fridays at 4:00pm, Biodiversity 224

The Biodiversity Discussion Group
  Fridays at 1:00pm, Biodiversity 224 (starting Stept. 15)

The Evolution Discussion Group
  Fridays at 12:00pm, Biodiversity 224

Florum: Discussions in Plant Ecology
  Mondays at 11:00am, Biodiversity 224

Let's Assume: League of Extraordinary Theoreticians Assessing and Understanding Models in Evolution
  Every other Thursday at 4:00pm, Biodiversity 303

Public Lectures
Hosted by the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the Biodiversity Lecture Series features internationally acclaimed speakers working to understand, protect, and promote awareness of biodiversity.

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