Graduate Courses in Biodiversity

BIOL. 509 Population and Quantitative Genetics
BIOL. 510/ FRST. 510 Applied Population Genetics
BIOL. 522A Topics in Marine Benthic Ecology
BIOL. 525 Systematics and Evolution
BIOL. 525A Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Speciation
BIOL. 525B Evolution discussion Group Seminar
BIOL. 525C Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Molecular Evolution
BIOL. 420 Ocean Conservation and Sustainability

BOTA. 505B Field course in B.C. Plant Biodiversity
BOTA. 526 Advanced Plant Community Analysis

CONS. 500 Seminars in Conservation Biology
CONS. 501 Topics in Conservation Genetics
CONS 503 Topics in Conservation

FISH. 501 Issues in Fisheries Ecosystem Modeling

FRST. 504 Landscape Ecology
FRST. 505 Advanced Studies in Forest Ecosystems
FRST 508 Forest Insect Ecology
FRST. 510 Applied Population Genetics
FRST. 512 Belowground Forest Ecosystems
FRST. 535 Applied Conservation Genetics

RMES 500F Human Dimensions of Conservation
RMES. 500K Ecosystem Services
RMES. 501 Perspectives on Resources and Environments
RMES 586/FRST 486 Fish Conservation & Management

ZOOL. 502 Skills and Concepts for Advanced Ecology
ZOOL. 523 Fish Behaviour and Ecology
ZOOL. 524 Topics in Conservation Genetics
ZOOL. 527 Theoretical Population Dynamics

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