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The Biodiversity Research Centre (BRC) at the University of British Columbia is pleased to host BRITE, a training program aimed at widening opportunities and skill sets among our students and post-doctoral fellows.
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Internship Program

A key element of the BRITE initiative is a paid internship program for MSc and PhD students. If you are interested in spending part of your degree in a non-University setting to improve or expand your training, consider applying for an internship.

Internships are expected to last from six weeks to three months of full-time equivalent work. Requests for interns are circulated in the spring, but applications may be submitted at any time.

If you are a graduate student of a BRC faculty, then you are considered a BRITE affiliate (regardless of funding source) and are eligible for the above opportunities supported by BRITE. To find out if your supervisor is a BRC faculty member, see the BRC faculty listing.

Studying ornithology? Graduate students conducting research are eligible for a Werner and Hildegard Hesse Fellowship in Ornithology and a Hesse Research Award to work on the conservation, ecology, or evolution of wild birds.

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Workshops are an effective means of training in areas requiring new skills and concentrated attention. BRITE funds workshops on a variety of topics, including workshops focused on particular research areas, on particular research techniques, and/or on professional development. Students, post-docs, and/or faculty can propose and organize workshops on topics of interest to BRITE trainees. Applications are considered at any time of year.

Post-doctoral Fellows

The BRC provides financial support for post-doctoral fellows conducting original research on core problems in biodiversity. Post-docs typically interact with several lab groups, foster interactions within the Centre, and spearhead research collaborations. For more information, please see the post-doc website.

BRC Contact:
For more information and nominations, please contact:
Katie Beall, Administrator
UBC Biodiversity Research Centre
#115 - 2212 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4
(phone) 604-822-0862
BRITE Training Program


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