To understand and conserve the diversity of life on earth
through research, education, and outreach.

Research: To understand the spectrum of biological diversity, its evolution, and its preservation through research at all levels, from genes to ecosystems.
Education: To train experts in the study of biodiversity and the application of biodiversity science.
Outreach: To promote understanding and appreciation of biodiversity and to provide independent advice on biodiversity stewardship to governments, the private sector, and the public.

There are more than fifty members of the Centre. We carry out research on a wide range of topics, including evolution, systematics and phylogeny, population and community ecology, fisheries management, conservation biology, and theoretical modeling.

In Spring of 2009, the members of the Biodiversity Research Centre were brought together in the Beaty Biodiversity Centre, a new building containing research spaces and laboratories, as well as the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

***Job opening: President's Excellence Chair in Biodiversity ***

The Biodiversity Research Centre
University of British Columbia
2212 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6T 1Z4
Phone: (604) 822-0862
Fax: (604) 827-5350
Email: biodiversity.centre

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is a public museum dedicated to enhancing understanding and appreciation of biodiversity, and making the research conducted by the scientists of UBC's Biodiversity Research Centre accessible to the public. The museum holds more than 2 million specimens of plants, insects, fish, shells, birds, mammals, and fossils. Come visit us, and see what you can learn about biodiversity and BC's spectacular natural history. The new Beaty Biodiversity Centre building is home for both the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the Biodiversity Research Centre. Beaty Biodiversity Museum
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